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Health Insurance News Link Roundup (4/22/20)

April 22, 2020   |   by Gabby Caparelli


Whether you’re in California or Nevada here are some updates within the healthcare and insurance industry that are sure to keep brokers in the loop.

Brokers see new challenge in short term health plans

Short Term health Plans

Nevada Health Centers getting help to fight Coronavirus

$6.25 million in grant funding

How Technology can help with social distancing

Technology and social distancing 

Top 8 New Trends in Healthcare

Top 8

California remaining patient with re-opening timeline

Newsom playing it safe with Coronavirus stay at home order

How a Canadian company is helping their employees amid COVID-19

Canada’s new approach with COVID-19

Good News for offering Vision

Study shows vision benefits lead to better eye health 

Product liability & Cannabis

Is Product Liability Coverage becoming an issue in the Cannabis Space?


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