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Giving the Right Holiday Gifts for Clients

November 18, 2020   |   by Gabby Caparelli

Getting to Know Your Clients

Before the holiday season, which is fast approaching,  begins, it is vital to learn more (or reflect back on what you already know) about your clientele so you can determine your holiday gift list. Don’t be too obvious though; you want to keep it lighthearted and thoughtful. A simple way is to ease into learning about your clients’ interests. Ask about what they are up to over the weekend, whether it’s hobbies, catching a game or event on TV, or some other interests of theirs. Your conversation can help you gauge what to work off when doing your future holiday shopping. You can also ask about any pets or their home life, which could lead to buying something that would be nice for their home life. Being more specific and curating a gift based on an individual, instead of the masses, can make your client feel special and listened to, which can only enhance your relationship for a better future.


Knowing Your Clients’ Needs and Wants

Now that you have a bit more of an understanding of your client’s interests or possible hobbies, you can determine who would best fit with gifts you have in mind. It can be helpful to come up with some categories for prominent lifestyles to help create a roadmap for your gift-giving guide.


If you are stumped on what to get a handful of clients, something related to the industry may be your saving grace. For example, a healthy cookbook, online class, or a pass to a workout class might be a good choice for some (just remember to keep in mind their lifestyle: vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian, etc.). If you still are feeling lost, you can do a helpful everyday home item, if it’s within budget, like an Alexa® or an Amazon Fire TV Stick (or a Google® Home or Nest device if they are not a fan of Amazon). Even a nice coffee-table book could be a sweet addition to their home for flip-throughs.


Budgets and Relationships

As much as we all would love to get our clients an amazing gift that is top tier to show your appreciation, it isn’t always economically possible. Creating a budget after deciding whom to include is important. You may want to allocate a different amount to each client, based on the revenue he or she (or the organization) is doing with you. One added reminder, focus on your relationship; be sincere and don’t go over the top for some clients with whom you may not have much of a relationship. Choose a budget and gift that will help you nurture your relationship, so it continues to grow.

Choosing gifts for people, especially those who you may not be extremely close with, can be difficult, but using these tips and tricks can lessen the stress that often comes during the holiday season.

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