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Star Broker – Erin Chisdak

February 27, 2018   |   by Staff Writer

Erin Chisdak, San Diego, CA
Client Executive, Marsh & McLennan Agency


“Call me if you need me.”


I got my start in small business consulting while working for a major national payroll company. The company offered me the opportunity to become a licensed health insurance broker, and I fell in love with that side of the business. I was just starting to make a name for myself at the other firm when Marsh & McLennan offered me a position that allowed me to specialize in small and mid-market company benefit programs. The rest is history!


What do you like most about your job?
I love meeting with different types of businesses every day and hearing how they’ve progressed. We have some very inspiring business owners here in Southern California who are doing amazing things. I am just glad I get to be a part of that community every day.


What’s the biggest accomplishment of being a health insurance broker?
My first year at Marsh & McLennan Agency. I was able to qualify for our annual “Top Producer” trip to Santa Barbara. Just being surrounded by some of the best brokers in our entire firm made me feel very proud of what I had done in such a brief period.


What are your long-term goals?
I would really like to make Principal at my firm; once I check that box, I would really love to become team lead and help new brokers in the business get their feet wet. I really love training new brokers and seeing them blossom.


What are your hobbies?
I love the local food and cocktail scene, but when I am not out enjoying a nice whiskey cocktail with friends, I am usually in the gym: CrossFit, weightlifting, bootcamp. I love it all. I am also obsessed with my dog Luna.


If you could give an advice to young people who are thinking about stepping into this industry, what would you say to them?
It’s a very financially and socially rewarding career, which allows you to create your own path. We have a lot of freedom to develop something for ourselves. You really do get out what you put into it.

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