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Establishing Your Agency Value Prop

Establishing Your Agency’s Unique Value Proposition

When you’re first starting out as a new health insurance broker or agency, it’s sometimes a challenge to stand out from the crowd. Whatever market you’re in, you are not...

Insurance Sales Tips

Tips to Give Your Prospect List a Spring Cleaning

“Spring cleaning” is the annual practice of thoroughly cleaning a house or apartment in celebration of the new season. It dates to the time when homes were heated with burning...

Employer E Services

Employer E-Services That Can Help Your Clients

It’s amazing what kind of information is available online today – and what sort of e-services are available to you, your clients, and their employees as it relates to employee...

Selling Health Insurance

3 Things That Make Selling Health Insurance Hard

If you’re considering a career in health insurance sales, it’s important to be realistic about your chances for success. Is selling health insurance hard? While selling insurance offers many rewards,...

company culture

7 Surefire Ways to Keep Your Customers Happy

Numerous studies support the theory that it’s easier – and cheaper – to retain an existing customer than it is to attract a new customer. Estimates vary, but a Forbes...

Company Culture

Pros and Cons of Selling Large Group Insurance

As an employee benefits professional, you have many options. You can focus on different market segments: Small Group Medical, Large Group Medical, Small Group Ancillary (Dental, Vision, Life, etc.), Large...