Broker Basics

Health insurance questions to ask clients

Quoting Health Insurance for Clients: 7 Questions to Ask

To help your clients match their needs – and those of their employees – to an employer-sponsored health plan that’s a good fit, it’s important to ask the right questions....

Understand Health Terms

Decoding Health Insurance Jargon for Clients

Understanding health insurance can be a challenge, especially given the industry’s love for acronyms and jargon. Yell® Business, known for their work with the Yellow Pages, conducted an analysis earlier...

Holiday gifting for clients

Insurance Agent Holiday Client Gifting

As you consider possible gifts for your clients this year, don’t just go buying things willy nilly. Put some thought into it and create a winning strategy for your holiday...

Holiday theme party

15 Can’t Miss Holiday Ideas to Celebrate Your Employees

There are many ways to express your appreciation to your agency employees for what they’ve done during the past year – for you, one another, and your clients. Here are...

Health Insurance Motivational Quotes

21 Motivational Quotes for Health Insurance Brokers

When you’re an insurance sales professional, you’re bound to experience challenging days and amazing days. To keep you motivated, and help you maintain a positive attitude – and drive your...

Tips for returning to the office

5 Ways to Motivate Employees’ Return to the Office

Increasingly, employers of all sizes – in a wide variety of industries – are asking workers to return to the office. Ironically, one of those employers is Zoom, a remote-working...