Preventive Care That Pays: Cigna Dental WellnessPlus

New online tools deliver a better customer experience, too.

French supercentenarian Jeanne Louise Calment – who had the longest confirmed human lifespan of 122 years – is credited with saying “Always keep your smile. That’s how I explain my long life.”

Preserving a smile starts with receiving regular Dental care. Routine care does more than brighten a smile, it helps with overall health. Cigna’s Dental WellnessPlus does more, too, because it offers great preventive care and an increasing annual dollar maximum.

Level-Funding Dental quotes are available for groups down to 26 enrolled if the group is enrolled in a Level Funding Medical plan.

Fully Insured Stand-Alone Dental quotes are available for groups of 50+ eligible employees.

How Cigna Dental WellnessPlus works:

  • When a member receives preventive care, his or her annual dollar maximum increases the next plan year.
  • When the member continues to receive preventive care, their annual dollar maximum grows each year.
  • Different family members could have different annual maximum benefits if some get preventive care treatment while others do not.

Cigna’s Dental WellnessPlus includes cleanings, oral exams, and X-rays and most preventive services are covered at a low cost or no cost. (Refer to Cigna’s sales literature for details on exclusions and limitations.)

Great online tools, too.

Cigna has launched new online resources to help members get the most out of their Dental coverage.

Developed by, Cigna offers a scoring method making it easier than ever before to compare dentists for affordability, patient experience, and professional history and to schedule an appointment online.

Self-Funded clients will have access to the provider searches and cost estimators.
Fully Insured clients will have access to enhanced provider searches, cost estimators, online scheduling, and calendar year max trackers.

The website and mobile app are available anytime, around the clock. Share the news with your groups.

Get started today!

Cigna has the largest DPPO network in the country.  To learn more about Cigna Dental WellnessPlus, or to get a group quote that will put a smile on your client’s face, contact your Word & Brown representative.

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