Added Role for Sarah Krstich

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Posted: June 15, 2021 by Staff Writer

HRWow Product Manager Sarah Krstich has returned from maternity leave and has stepped into a new role. In addition to taking on added responsibilities as a new mom, Sarah is also taking on the role as leader for the General Agency’s online enrollment (OLE) partnership with EaseCentral.

Effective immediately, you can contact Sarah for assistance with OLE and any questions you may have about EaseCentral’s functionality and capabilities, including Word & Brown’s exclusive Try Before You Buy option.

Sarah also continues to be your contact if you have questions about or want to schedule a demonstration of Word & Brown’s HRWow human resources support solution for your clients.

Here’s Sarah’s updated contact information:

Sarah Krstich
Product Manager

If you have questions about EaseCentral or HRWow, Sarah is as near as your email or phone.

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