Blue Shield Announces New Programs

Blue Shield of California has announced a Specialty Coverage Discount, Quick Match Program, and Trio Incentive Program for small groups.

The Specialty Coverage Discount offers your clients a 5% discount on Dental and/or Vision premiums when either product is added to a new or existing group with Medical and 1-100 eligible employees. The discount applies to ancillary coverage effective May 1, 2017, or later. For more information, download the Specialty Coverage Discount flyer.

With the Life Insurance Quick Match Program, Blue Shield will match the renewal rates for your group’s current Life Insurance carrier when they move their 51-100 eligible employee group to Blue Shield. The offer applies to groups with new or existing Medical coverage from Blue Shield and is available for effective dates April 1 through June 1, 2017. Get additional guidelines here.

The new Trio Incentive Program (TIP) offers you a $250 reward for each group – plus $25 per individual – for Trio ACO HMO sales. The group reward applies when you close a small group that includes a Trio plan or when you add a Trio plan to a renewing group. The individual member reward applies for each member who enrolls in a Trio plan as part of a group’s initial sale or renewal.

TIP applies to groups with a May 2017 effective or renewal date – and it continues through January 2018 effective or renewal dates. (Download the TIP flyer.)

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