Discover Our New Bundle: SecureCare and HealthiestYou


Posted: June 27, 2021 by Staff Writer

Good news! SecureCare is now bundling Dental and Vision with HealthiestYou.

The two have partnered to reduce employee health care costs and simplify your clients’ administration.

Your clients will love it because they get:

  1. $0 Telemedicine Copay
  2. Single, low rate of $9 per employee per month for voluntary and employer-sponsored groups
  3. One group enrollment
  4. One bill and one monthly payment

Broker commission is great, too.

New groups can enroll anytime. Existing groups need to enroll in SecureCare Dental and/or Vision to get the bundle with HealthiestYou.

Link here for the employer application.   

If you have questions, contact your Word & Brown representative for more details.

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