New Sales Bonus from UnitedHealthcare

Word & Brown received the following announcement from UnitedHealthcare. Your Word & Brown representative is ready to help you with all of your UnitedHealthcare business.

UnitedHealthcare is offering a bonus to agents in California who sell new medical plans with effective dates from March 1, 2020 through February 28, 2021. Eligible cases are new fully insured Small Group and Key Account groups located in California that have at least 10 enrolled employees and effective dates from March 1, 2020 through February 28, 2021. Only agents permanently located in California are eligible for the bonus. The maximum bonus for an eligible group (or collection of affiliated groups) is $50,000.

Eligible agents will receive a bonus based on the number of enrolled employees in the eligible medical group. The bonus amounts for Harmony and Canopy Health medical coverages are higher than that of other medical coverages.

Enrolled Employees in an Eligible Group Bonus for Each Member Enrolled for Medical Coverage (except Harmony and Canopy Health Coverage)* Bonus for Each Member Enrolled  for Harmony and Canopy  Health Coverage*
10 to 49 enrolled employees $25 $100
50 or more enrolled employees $50 $100

Higher Bonus for Harmony and Canopy Health Coverage: In groups where employees may choose different networks and medical coverages, the higher bonus amount is paid only on members covered by Harmony and Canopy Health medical coverage.

Bonus Example: An eligible agent sells two eligible medical cases and earns a bonus of $14,750 calculated as follows:

Total Enrolled Employees in the Group Members in Medical Coverage (except Harmony and Canopy Health Coverage) Members in Harmony and Canopy Medical Coverage Bonus Calculation
Group A — 25 enrolled employees 10 20 10 members at $25 = $250; 20 members at $100 = $2,000; Total = $2,250
Group B — 160 enrolled employees 150 50 150 members at $50 = $7,500; 50 members at $100 = $5,000; Total = $12,500

Total Bonus: $14,750

Click here to see a flyer (which includes further program details) from UnitedHealthcare.

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