Customize Your Enrollment Solution

Consider customizing your EaseCentral portal – it’s easy and is a great way to create a custom experience for your clients and their employees.

Depending on your preferences and what you want to accomplish, there are two ways to customize an EaseCentral portal:

  1. Add your agency’s brand – this keeps you and your agency branding top of mind for your groups;
  2. Add your client’s branding – this gives employers a way to reinforce their own brand and culture with employees.

To customize your EaseCentral account, we’ll need the following:

  • Images: EaseCentral allows for two types of images on their portal – a header image (typically a company logo) and background image.
  • Forms: Streamline your clients’ enrollment by including related payroll and HR forms.
  • Documents: The Documents section allows your groups to upload other important materials like employee handbooks, benefit guides, time off policies, and benefit contracts or SPDs.
  • Links: You can also include links to other important company tools and resources.

Get creative – this is your chance to distinguish your services from other brokers!

If you have any questions, contact Sarah Krstich via email at or by phone at (800) 869-6989, ext. 4841.

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