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How Much Salary Do Insurance Brokers Earn?


If you are interested in becoming a health insurance broker our salary guide helps you get a good understanding of what you can expect to earn as an agent. Now is a great time to become an insurance broker as the demand for health care is greater than ever.

For health insurance agents the amount of salary or commission  earned is typically based on the size of groups and types of policies sold. The more employees ( for group insurance ) or  family members  for (individual insurance) along with the coverage types ( medical, dental, vision, etc.) determines the amount of commission the agent is paid.  Once a policy is sold the broker also gets residual commission each year that plan is renewed or modified. Check  out our salary estimator for a sampling of how much brokers can earn and how residual commissions can create a lucrative long term career.

Here is a quick overview of current insurance agent salaries:

  • National Average Salary : $62,500
  • California Average Salary: $59,608
  • Nevada Average Salary: $49,500
  • Word & Brown brokers who sell *12 cases per month: $99,996

*Estimated salary based on a 15 employee group with a medical, dental, vision, chiropractic plan bundle.

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How Much Can You Earn as an Insurance Broker?

Find out what you can be earning as an insurance agent in our handy, up-to-date salary guide. Produced by our in-house experts, this resource is bound to help you in advancing your career.

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