4th Quarter Dental Enrollment Bonus

California Dental Network is offering a new 4th quarter bonus; it’s your opportunity to earn some cold hard cash on new group enrollments.

You can earn up to $1,000 based on the total number of your new groups’ enrolled employees during the eligibility period, as shown below:

Total New CA Dental Network Subscribers
for Groups Effective 10/1/2016, thru 1/1/17
Eligible Broker Bonus
25-49 $100
50-99 $200
100-199 $400
200-499 $600
500 or more $1,000

Your bonus payout will be based on your total enrollment of new participants for coverage effective October 1, 2016, through January 1, 2017. Groups must pay a minimum of three months of premium for you to qualify. Payouts will be made in April 2017.

Broker of record changes, renewals, and acquisitions do not apply; only enrollments from groups that are new to California Dental Network count toward your new subscriber number.

Contact your Word & Brown for more information – or for a group quote.

Note: This bonus is not available to ADP and Paychex brokers.

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