The Latest 2016 Carrier Updates Are In

Please see the list below for the latest carrier updates:


Aetna Participation: Aetna has lowered their participation to 60% for all group sizes.

DE9C: Proof of prior coverage and Quarterly Wage Report/DE9C are not required for groups of 6+ enrolled employees.

Form: Certification Form (required for all cases) can be found here.

Anthem Blue Cross Participation: Anthem’s participation requirement is 70% for groups of 1-14 eligible employees and 50% for groups of 15+ eligible employees.
Blue Shield of California

New Apps: The employer application (Section 2) addresses full-time equivalent (FTE) employees – find it here.

Participation: 70% for mirror plans; 65% for off exchange plans.

Promo Extended: 25% participation promotion available for groups of 5+ enrolling extended through Q1 2016; applies to Specialty Products.


Attestation: As of 1/1/2016, CaliforniaChoice requires an attestation form for groups with over 100 listed on the DE9C – find it here.

Participation: If employer pays 100% of employee premium all waivers count against participation (suggestion: contribute 99%); 100% participation for groups of 1-2 eligible; 70% participation for groups of 3+ eligible.

Health Net Participation: Health Net has lowered their participation to 66% for 1-5 eligible; 50% for 6+.

Participation: If employer contributes 100% of employee premium, all employees must enroll regardless of other coverage (suggestion: contribute 99%). 75% participation required for all group sizes when employer contributes 50-99%.

DE9C: Proof of prior coverage and Quarterly Wage Report/DE9C are not required for groups of 10+ eligible; completed and signed Certification Form is required.

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