Technology in the Palm of Your Hand


In this day and age, tech is king. Whatever we want to do, there’s a way to do it faster and more conveniently thanks to technology. From drones dropping off Amazon orders to holograms of artists from the past surprising us at concerts, there’s always something new and innovative coming into the world. That tells us technology is moving far faster than our minds even have the ability to comprehend.

But, in the wake of new tech gadgets and tools, your phone is – and will continue to be – your best friend when it comes to being a successful health insurance broker. Back when I started in this business, my office phone and my pager (yes, a pager) were my two connection points to my clients besides me taking the time to drop by and speak with them in person.

Today, your phone is still the most important tool you can use to sell health insurance, but it’s far more important than just using it to call people. With smartphones today, everything you need to do to target new clients and service existing clients is in the palm of your hand.

Let’s take a look at six ways savvy, successful brokers are using their smartphones to perform routine business:



Yes, people still use their phone to talk! Staying in touch with clients, whether you’re working a new lead or nurturing an existing client is one, if not the most, important thing you can do to build a solid reputation. Even if you simply leave a message, you let your customers know you’re thinking about them and are available.



Staying on top of your schedule can be a challenge when you’re servicing a lot of clients, but all it takes is a focused approach to being organized. I use my iPhone Calendar to sync with my Outlook calendar, so I’m always on top of where and when I need to be somewhere. You can also check out some newer apps, like Square, GigaBook, and TimeTap, three of many available options.



In my day creating a quote took a lot of time and thought. Today, while you still need to know your stuff, technology makes it so you can run quotes and get them to clients on the go.



Responding to clients quickly is a characteristic your clients will expect, which means you have everything you need in the palm of your hand in order to respond wherever you are during the day.



Sync your email contact list to your phone, so you always have your client’s information ready to go at the drop of a hat.



A social profile is an absolute must. It’s okay to share who you are and promote your business. Ask a client if you can take a video testimonial and post it on your Facebook business page. Or, repost articles and stories on your Twitter that your clients would find of value. Always take the time to like, comment, or even repost content from your clients and potential customers – they’ll know you care!


Chances are, you most likely don’t go anywhere without your phone, and that’s okay. Your phone is the key to staying in touch with clients, keeping them informed, and showing customers who you really are – a service professional they can trust.


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