Affordability Calculator Updated (Nevada)


Posted: May 19, 2021 by Staff Writer

Do you know how to calculate your groups’ size or determine whether the coverage available to each of your clients’ employees is affordable? We make it easy with our Affordable Care Act (ACA) Affordability Calculator. We have recently updated this calculator to reflect the latest employee percentage of income limit and monthly employer-contribution percentage amount.

You’ll find our entire series of ACA Calculators in our online Health Reform Resource Center:

  • IRS Section 6056 Reporting Calculator
  • Group Size Calculator
  • Seasonal Employee Calculator
  • Permanent Part-Time Calculator
  • Affordability Calculator

These calculators are useful to you and your clients in determining employee affordability, group size, and the impact of seasonal and permanent part-time employees on your groups.

Download the Affordability Calculator by clicking below or visit the Health Reform Resource Center.

Download Affordability Calculator

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