Navigating the Shift to Virtual Selling and Online Platforms in Insurance Sales: 3 Tips

Virtual Insurances Selling

Whether your focus is health insurance, ancillary insurance, Individual & Family Plan (IFP), or group sales, you have probably noticed an increased emphasis on virtual selling. Things started to shift – out of necessity – in response to the global COVID pandemic. According to a McKinsey study, before the pandemic, nearly two thirds (61%) of survey respondents said they sold primarily through in-person sales. However, that number has since dropped to only 29%. Today, most are selling online and via online video conferencing tools.

To be successful in virtual selling, it is important that you adhere to some basic guidelines, including these three tips:

1: Learn and adopt useful technology. To be an effective sales professional, it’s critical that you get to know the latest tech and embrace it as part of your business. That includes quoting, enrolling, and agency management technology. Your Word & Brown rep can help. Ask about our WBQuote and WBQuote Lite desktop and mobile quoting platforms, and integrated provider and Rx searches.

Tech also includes knowing and being able to effectively use team collaboration and networking software like Teams (from Microsoft) and Zoom. You must be able to present, share your screen, and perform related activities.

2: Nurture your communications skills. Enrolling individuals and groups – whether online or face-to-face – requires you to communicate clearly. If you are recording your enrollment demo for reference by prospects and clients later via your website, being clear in your messaging is even more important. Likewise, if you are doing a live enrollment on Zoom or Teams, effective communication is essential. The same applies to your phone and video conversations.

3: Cultivate trust and client rapport. Building a connection with clients is important – both in person and virtually. Make a good introduction. Ask engaging questions – and actively listen to the answers. Always be aware of body language – yours and your customers’ body language. Where possible, share information/materials with your customers before your virtual meeting. This will give them an opportunity to review them and prepare questions that might need answers before or during enrolling. After your online meeting, follow up to demonstrate your interest in fulfilling their needs and providing service after the sale.

Selling can be a challenge – whether you are meeting face-to-face, one to one or presenting online to large groups. It is fundamental that you be positive and stay motivated. HubSpot offers other guidance in its blog post, The Remote Sales Playbook. Allego offers its own Essential Guide to Virtual Selling.

In today’s rapidly evolving sales landscape, virtual selling is transforming how businesses engage with customers and close deals. As online platforms become increasingly integral to sales processes, your ability to master the art of virtual selling is required to stay ahead of the competition.

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