Author: Alex Strautman

Insurance Sales Process

Breaking Down the Insurance Sales Process: 7 Steps

If you ask five insurance sales professionals about the steps in the sales process, you’re likely to get at least three different answers. Some suggest it’s a five-step process. Others...

KPIs for Health Insurance Sales

Measuring Your Success: Identifying Important Insurance KPIs

No matter how long you have been selling insurance, you know there are certain measurements to help you judge your success. These are often called Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). KPIs...

Health Insurance Stocks

Health Care and Insurance Stocks to Watch in 2023-2024

There are many theories about what is (and what is not) a good indicator of a stock’s future performance (up or down). As most financial columns note, past performance is...

Insurance Sales Jokes

Everybody Loves a Good Health Insurance Joke, Right?

The health insurance business is usually no laughing matter. We often deal with clients’ health challenges, claims, provider access issues, and so much more. However, it’s important to recognize the...

Workers’ Compensation Insurance

Understanding Workers’ Compensation Insurance

Regardless of how much care is taken by employers and employees, accidents can happen at work or when doing work-related activities away from the jobsite. Workers’ Compensation insurance provides benefits...

Employee benefits broker

9 Services You Must Offer as an Employee Benefits Broker

To compete more effectively as an insurance broker in today’s marketplace, it’s important to offer services your prospects and clients want – and need. This post looks at highly desirable...