Health Insurance Products + Value Added Services Bring Great Value to Clients

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Our Value-Adds Are Your Added Value for Your Clients

Being able to offer your clients a broad portfolio of products is important. You want to help them find the coverage they need and want, so they are able to maintain their health and attract and retain employees in today’s competitive talent marketplace. However, for you to compete as a broker, offering a diverse range of products is not enough. You need the right value-added services to help you stand out.

When you work with Word & Brown, you not only have health insurance products from leading regional and national insurers, you have a dedicated team of sales, enrollment, underwriting, marketing, compliance, and account management professionals backing you up.

We are here for you — from prospecting to renewals — delivering value-added services and resources to help you stand out among your competitors, address more of your clients’ needs, and build long-term relationships.

1) Guaranteed-accurate quoting. Word & Brown’s proprietary quote engine, WBQuote, helps you avoid errors, ensure accuracy, and keep your clients happy with built-in safeguards that prevent errors. Highlighted plan differences make it easy to compare your clients’ current plans with renewal alternatives. We also simplify your ability to put together the ideal scenario with the best rates with just a few keystrokes.

2) Online enrollment and HRIS: We have partnerships with two human resources and benefits administration platforms, Ease and GoCo, that offer your clients employee onboarding tools, HR documents, and Affordable Care Act (ACA) compliance for variable hour employee tracking, full-time employee calculations, and Applicable Large Employer (ALE) determination – plus optional integration with payroll.

3) HR support: Our no-cost HRWow program gives your clients access to online HR tools and resources, including the ability to connect with HR professionals to answer questions, get assistance developing employee handbooks, and receive regular updates on regulations that could affect their businesses and staff.

4) COBRA and POP: We offer COBRA administration at no cost to your groups with 20+ employees enrolled in Medical through Word & Brown – plus a Premium Only Plan (POP) to qualifying groups with Medical.

5) WBMedID: Our exclusive mobile app gives your groups’ employees immediate access to their Medical ID Card information on their smartphones as soon as their group installation is complete (typically in 24-48 hours). Ask us for details about participating carriers.

6) Health reform resource center: Whether you have a client- and scenario-specific ACA, ERISA, or other compliance inquiry, or you’re in search of tools to help you understand regulations transforming the benefits and insurance industry, you can count on us. Our in-house Compliance team has the answers on how different compliance rules work together and apply in specific situations.

A Commitment to You

That’s not all! In addition to products from an unparalleled roster of health plans, insurers, and administrators, you get value-added benefits your clients will appreciate plus service from a team that is committed to you and your continuing success.
At Word & Brown, we know you have many options when it comes to where you place your business. As you consider with whom you want to work, we want you to know we do not expect your loyalty. We will work every day to earn it. With us as our partner, you can expect us to deliver what you need to write and retain more business, year after year. Contact your nearest Word & Brown office, or call 1-800-869-6989, to get started today.

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