Digital Marketing News – June 2018

Why Businesses Can’t Ignore Google AMP Stories

If you think you can ignore AMP, you’re wrong. AMP has some pretty awesome features and benefits that can take your content creation efforts to the next level.

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Five Major Ways B2B Companies Can Leverage Video Content

Video clearly works for business to consumer (B2C) companies such as car companies, video game studios and Dollar Shave Club. But business to business (B2B) companies, whether in the accounting, insurance or content marketing fields, should make use of video content too, given that 70% of B2B researchers base some their buying decisions on watching brand videos.

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Email: The oft-overlooked backbone of successful content marketing & SEO

As a platform, email has become such a norm that unless you’re a regular and devout practitioner, you may not appreciate its immense reach and utility.

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Anchor Text SEO: Everything You Need to Know in 2018

There’s a lot of conflicting information about anchor text out there. One site tells you to focus as heavily on your keywords as you can. Another tells you to stay as far away from any kind of anchor text and backlinks as possible. And another says anchor text doesn’t matter. What are you supposed to believe?

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5 Ways B2B Brands Should Use Social Media

No matter whether your company is in communications, manufacturing, or sales, there are common opportunities which all B2B marketers can capitalize on within the social media landscape.

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How Much Can You Earn as an Insurance Broker?

Find out what you can be earning as an insurance agent in our handy, up-to-date salary guide. Produced by our in-house experts, this resource is bound to help you in advancing your career.

Word & Brown Salary Guide