Integrated Provider Search Added to WBQuote

WBQuote is now better than ever. We’ve added a new integrated Provider Search tool that gives you the ability to search, confirm, and build quotes with the doctors, medical groups, and hospitals your clients want, instantly.

It’s the first integrated provider search tool built into quoting – and it’s available in WBQuote.

All Medical Carrier Providers in One Place

Now, you can present the options you know will meet your clients’ needs. Gone are the days of visiting individual carrier sites for provider searches. All of our medical carrier partners are included in your provider search. You can easily see which doctors, medical groups, and hospitals are associated with each plan. We also update info regularly to ensure your clients have the most current data.

On-the-Fly Quote Adjustments

Add or remove providers in minutes even in your client’s office. It happens all the time. You prepare a client quote and are ready to present only to find out they want access to a specific hospital or doctor they didn’t mention before. Integrated Provider Search lets you add or remove providers in real time, so you can re-quote and deliver new options to your client within minutes.

Get Client Preferences Upfront

Successful brokers already do this, but we now make it easier! Your clients may not know how important network checks are until an employee asks about keeping his or her doctor with a new plan. Getting this information upfront saves you time in the long term and it ensures your proposal is as accurate as possible – guaranteeing your clients access to the doctors, medical groups, and hospitals they prefer.

Quoting Has Never Been Easier!

Set yourself apart from the competition. Deliver a more comprehensive quote to your clients. Provider Search will ensure your clients get access to the health care professionals they want, and it will reinforce your role as a go-to professional using the latest quote technology.

Click here to login and try it for yourself now. Or, contact your Word & Brown representative to schedule a demonstration of our quote-integrated provider search.

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