The Right GA Business Partner Can Make a Big Difference

The health insurance industry and health care have changed a lot since the Affordable Care Act (ACA) was signed into law. Both are also very different from when John Word and Rusty Brown opened the doors at the Word & Brown General Agency in 1985.

Working with a Privately Owned General Agency

Brokers today are facing new challenges. Payroll firms are offering benefits – and selling benefits administration platforms without truly understanding the market and potential connectivity and integration issues. California’s legislature is – once again – considering a move toward single payer and the overhaul of the current private health insurance marketplace. Insurance sales professionals and your clients are having to deal with new legislation and compliance burdens, especially related to COVID and employer/employee mandates. There is also a new compensation disclosure, which took effect in late December 2021, which requires brokers to share information with clients about income earned on products sold.

Amidst all of these changes, Word & Brown is changing, too – for the better. We’re developing innovative tools and technology, crafting new broker and employer education and training courses, adding to our already-diverse products and services roster, hiring and training new staff, and working with our partners to help you strengthen your existing client relationships and prospect for new ones.

While some of our General Agency competitors have aligned with other firms in recent years, we believe our independence gives us an advantage. We know we can work smarter and more quickly to help California and Nevada brokers adapt to what’s happening – locally, in communities across our two states, in Sacramento and Carson City, and in Washington, DC.

During the past two years, in response to the current COVID-19 pandemic, we have heavily invested in a complete digital transformation of our organization. We are already experiencing significant efficiency gains as a result. We will continue to invest in technology, tools, and resources to ensure our staff – and affiliated brokers like you – have what you need to be effective in responding to market changes and addressing the evolving needs of your clients (and their employees). Our continuing independence means we are able to determine the direction of our company based on what you tell us you need.

We are 250+ employees strong – working together across our organization to help you build your business and keep clients happy, so they come back year after year. Our commitment to “Service of Unequalled Excellence,” a Word & Brown hallmark for decades, has never been stronger.

Whatever your focus, no matter your market niche, we’re here for you . . . in 2022 and for years to come . . . as one of the country’s most successful, independent General Agents.

If you’re not already working with us, we welcome the opportunity to prove our value to you. Call (800) 869-6989.

Link here to view a recording of Word & Brown CEO Jessica Word as she shares the Word & Brown story.


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