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ACA “Quick Reference” and “Affordability” Guides Available

June 15, 2021   |   by Alex Strautman

As part of Word & Brown’s continuing commitment to provide brokers with useful tools and resources – and simplify things for you and your clients – we’ve recently published two new Affordable Care Act (ACA) guides developed by the WBCompliance team.

The first of the two is our ACA Quick Reference Guide. It’s the most comprehensive, reader-friendly ACA guide in the market, covering a broad range of topics that include:

  • ACA Employer Mandate (it’s still applicable under current federal law)
  • California Health Care Mandate (for Minimum Essential Coverage)
  • Applicable Large Employers (ALEs)
  • Minimum Value Plans
  • “Affordability” Calculations

Our easy-to-understand Quick Reference summarizes all of this – and more. Check it out.

Our ACA Affordability Guide is a companion piece that offers an in-depth look at affordability for your clients’ plan years starting in 2021. It’s a valuable resource for ALE clients, with topics that include:

  • Setting Affordability
  • Affordability Requirements
  • Safe Harbors for ALEs

Visit our website to download one or both guides. You – and your clients – will be glad you did.

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