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Enrollers Can Make Your Job Easier as a Health Insurance Broker

February 20, 2018   |   by Staff Writer


Your job as a health insurance broker is multi-faceted. Prospecting. Quoting. Presenting. Enrolling. Servicing. Renewing. They are all a part of a Small (or Large) Group sale. But, did you know when you work with a general agency (GA) like Word & Brown, you can get help with many aspects of your job? And, it’s your decision which tasks you do on your own, which tasks you share, and which tasks you hand-off to your GA.

Enrollment, whether it’s “on paper” or using an electronic enrollment system, entails several tasks:

  • hosting enrollment meetings to educate employees;
  • answering questions about available health plans and their features;
  • taking paper applications (or explaining how employees need to use the online enrollment system to sign up for their preferred plan);
  • reviewing applications for accuracy and completeness;
  • delivering the completed apps to your GA or carrier.


Why not make it easy on yourself and get help from an enroller?

He or she will go with you to the employer’s location to co-host employee-enrollment meetings. Alternatively, if you prefer, he or she will take your place and handle the enrollment meeting, independently, on your behalf.

If Word & Brown is your GA, you can expect your enroller to bring enrollment kits and other information to help employees decide which carrier and plan type (HMO, PPO, etc.) are best suited to each employee’s individual or family health care needs. Your enroller will also share info on any value-added benefits available to employees (such as preventive care services, pharmacy or other discounts, etc.), that might help employees make a final plan selection.

Enrollers will also bring a personalized worksheet for every employee, so each person clearly understands how much money will be taken from each paycheck to pay for health insurance coverage (after subtracting the portion of the premium paid for by the employer).

The enroller will explain everything on the worksheet and help employees fill out enrollment forms during the meeting, checking them for accuracy and completeness. That helps ensure “everything is good to go” before your case is submitted to Underwriting for review.   

Time is money. With help from an enroller, you can save time, ensure your enrollments go smoothly, be confident forms are completed and submitted on schedule, and rest easy knowing employers and employees are getting the answers they need to make the right plan choices.

Seize the opportunity to make the most of your time by enlisting assistance from an enroller. Then you can focus your time on prospecting and renewals. And, remember, enrollers are just one of the many advantages available to Word & Brown brokers. Get started now – just say the word.


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