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Star Broker – David Reid

December 20, 2017   |   by Staff Writer

David Reid, Las Vegas, NV
CEO and Co-Founder, EaseCentral


I started in the employee benefits and group insurance industry 30 years ago. After working as a wholesale distributor of group-based benefit products for two major insurance companies, I became a consultant and agent for Unison Benefits Management, a leading provider in the Minneapolis/St. Paul marketplace.

In 1999, I was among the first to venture into the world of online technology designed for employee benefits enrollment and communication. In 2005, I co-founded Apprize Technology Solutions, which is a current industry leader in benefits enrollment technology. After working with numerous online platforms, I created EaseCentral in 2012 as a proprietary application for employee benefits communication and enrollment, with unique capabilities for small and mid-sized employers.


What do you like most about your job?
As a former broker, I like bridging the gap between brokers and technology. I enjoy communicating with brokers to understand what tools help them do their jobs better and how we can improve their day-to-day lives with our enrollment solution.


What’s the biggest accomplishment of being a health insurance broker?
The biggest accomplishment of being a health insurance broker has been seeing the reactions of clients when I bring them online. It’s satisfying to help people who had been stuck using outdated tools add time back into their day to do more things they enjoy.


What are your long-term goals?
In life? To stay healthy, fit and agile so I can enjoy my later years. In business? This industry has been my entire life and I have benefited tremendously from it. I really do take pride in creating a product that is having an impact on this industry and will continue to do so in a positive way.


What are your hobbies?
I like working out, spending time with friends and family, traveling and enjoying leisure time (when I have it). My wife and I have our first grandchild who we enjoy spending time with as much as possible.


If you could give an advice to young people who are thinking about stepping into this industry, what would you say to them?
We live in a small world. A reputation can take a lifetime to build but can be lost in a second. You can move faster working with people instead of against them.


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