A Tip for Brokers on Marketing Your Agency

If you want to expand and enhance your marketing in 2020, Word & Brown’s partnership with Broker Pop can help you build your business and increase your sales.

The knowledgeable experts at Broker Pop offer Word & Brown brokers affordable marketing tools to market your business and yourself more effectively. Broker Pop can help you generate new leads, create and send customized direct mail, and develop personalized profile-raising materials to broaden awareness of your services.

Broker Pop offers business cards, customized mailers, mailing lists based on your specific criteria, promotional flyers and other items, and everything in between.


Get New Leads

You can purchase a targeted list of prospect businesses based on your specific criteria. You choose the city, ZIP Code, county, business type (SIC Code), group size, or other options. If your focus is small businesses, your list will include only those engaged in the industry (or industries) in the geographic region you select.


Send Customized Direct Mail

Broker Pop’s direct mail program makes it easy for you to find new prospects. You can choose from a variety of designs and customize them with your agency, license, and contact information. Broker Pop will print and mail the postcards on your behalf. Then be ready for your phone to ring.


Create Personalized Collateral

If you need other materials – like business cards, thank you notes, flyers, or pens – to promote your business further, you can count on Broker Pop to hook you up.

With decades of marketing and advertising experience across a diverse roster of trades, the Broker Pop team is ready to help you with ready-made and customized materials to promote you and your business. Their marketing pros have expertise in health care, health insurance, and Medicare, among other industries.

Broker Pop offers professionally designed marketing collateral that allows you to affordably create your own brand or campaign that will help you stay top-of-mind with prospects and clients. You have a wide selection of creative options at Broker Pop from which to choose. In addition, you’ll find they are always reliable and offer a quick turnaround.

To learn more about how Broker Pop can help you build new revenue in 2020, and everything they have to offer, visit their website.


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