3 Tips to Creating a Tag Line for Your Agency

3 Tips to Creating a Tag Line for Your Agency

Do you have a tag line for your agency? Do your competitors? If you’re a Word & Brown partner, you know we have one. It’s “Service of Unequalled Excellence.” It outlines what you (as one of our customers), our carrier partners, and others can expect from us. It clearly conveys our commitment, and it has set the stage for our customer and partner expectations for 35+ years.

Other well-known insurance industry tag lines – some in use for decades – are:

  • Geico: 15 minutes could save you 15% or more.
  • You’re in good hands with Allstate.
  • Like a good neighbor, State Farm is there.
  • Liberty: Only pay for what you need.
  • Transamerica: Insure. Invest. Retire.
  • UnitedHealthcare: There for what matters.
  • Health Net: Coverage for every stage of life.

Famous tag lines in other industries include:

  • Retailers: Target: Expect more. Pay less. Walmart: Save money. Live better.
  • Athletic Shoes: Nike: Just do it.
  • Fast Food: Burger King: Have it your way. Dunkin’: America runs on Dunkin.’
  • News: The New York Times: All the news that’s fit to print. The Washington Post: Democracy dies in darkness.
  • Theme Park: Disneyland: The happiest place on earth.
  • Credit cards: Capital One: What’s in your wallet?
  • Automobiles: BMW: The ultimate driving machine.

This is just a sampling of very popular tag lines in use across America right now. If you want to create a tag line for your business, there are several important things to consider. Read on.

Writing Your Own Tag Line

What’s your focus? Who do you serve? How do you help prospects and customers? What should others know about you? What differentiates you from your competitors? Maybe your approach is unusual. Perhaps you have tech (or access to tech) your competitors lack. Answering these questions can help get you started on your tag line.

Length really drives the distinction between a tag line and a slogan. A tag line is a quick read and something that immediately connects with your prospects and customers. Branding experts say it serves as expression of your company’s purpose and mission.

In contrast, a slogan may relate to a specific marketing campaign or a product. Slogans are typically less long-lasting than a tag line, as a slogan may be adapted/updated over time. In the examples mentioned above, the Allstate and State Farm tag lines have been around for a long time; however, the UnitedHealthcare, Health Net, and Transamerica tag lines are newer (and have replaced prior, and in some cases long-lasting, tag lines).

3 Tips to Embrace

  • Keep it simple. You want to be understood right away – and you want it to be memorable.
  • Make it unique. Don’t risk confusing customers by being too vague or sounding like your competitors. Craft a tag line that communicates your Indeed.com even suggests you be provocative and superlative – moving beyond descriptive and specific.
  • Make it memorable. A creative, memorable, and catchy line is more likely to connect with your prospects and customers.

Further Differentiating Yourself

Another way to differentiate your agency from others is to align yourself with the right general agency (GA) partner. A good GA provides back-office support to process your business more efficiently, tools for quoting a broad range of carriers, enrollment and renewal support, and much more. And, best of all, it’s available to you at no cost. (The carrier or administrator pays your GA directly, which does not affect your commission.)

In the same way your employees and customers count on you, it is important for you to have a partner on whom you can rely. Word & Brown is the right choice. We’ve been partnering with brokers for nearly 40 years.

If you’re already working with us, talk with your Word & Brown representative about everything we have to offer. We have a virtually unmatched portfolio with the products and carriers your clients want – backed by insurance sales, enrollment, underwriting, and marketing professionals committed to your success.

If you are not yet doing business with us, it’s easy to get started. Fill out our online registration form, or call us today at 800-869-6989.


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