Ease Your Burden, Build Your Business, With Help from a GA


If you are just starting out as a health insurance broker, or if you’re considering entry into the business, you may not realize that you can get help with administrative tasks – and building your business – by partnering with a General Agent (GA).

Working with a General Agency like Word & Brown, you don’t have to do everything on your own. Word & Brown can help you by taking on take on some your back-office activities, so you can focus on prospecting and selling. That is, after all, how you make money.

Whether you are just getting started as a health insurance agent or you have been at it for a while, you can count on Word & Brown to deliver a broad range of services, including:

Guaranteed Accurate Quoting

Word & Brown is the only place where you’re assured of 100% accurate quotes. You can run quotes on your own or we will run them for you. Our WBQuote technology help you avoid errors, ensure accuracy, and keep your clients happy, with built-in safeguards that prevent inaccurate rates. Our proposals include comparisons of your client’s current plan(s) and renewal options, including highlighted plan differences.

Enrollment Support and Presentation Assistance

You can choose a one-click online enrollment (with our integration with several online enrollment platforms), a paper enrollment, or a combination of the two. It’s your choice. We provide personalized employee worksheets and multilingual enrollers to assist you, too.

We’ll also provide you with presentation-ready proposals branded with your name and logo. Our experts are available to present alongside you at your client’s location. We will review benefits, explain carriers’ perks, complete employee applications, and finalize and submit paperwork to the carrier. If your group is in California, we offer bilingual enrollers, too.

Underwriting Pros

Our experienced underwriters deliver 24-hour turnaround on most cases and clean case submissions to carriers – ensuring your groups are approved without a hitch and get their ID Cards faster. Our partnerships with Aetna, Anthem Blue Cross, Blue Shield of California, and Health Net give your groups’ members access to their Medical ID Card information on their smartphones using the WBMedID app as soon as their coverage is approved.

Compliance Expertise

Annual employer reporting under the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and changing benefits regulations can be a challenge – for you and your clients. You can rely on our in-house team for answers to your questions on evolving compliance rules – plus ongoing updates on health reform, ERISA, and much more. We also offer online and in-person compliance training, including HRCI, SHRM, and Continuing Education (CE) approved courses.

ACA Calculators and Other Tools and Resources

We have calculators to help you determine whether your clients are subject to ACA “play or pay” mandates, forecast any potential ACA penalty (for non-compliance), and more. We also offer a library of tools and resources to simplify employer reporting as well as answers to frequently asked questions.


Sales & Marketing Support

Take advantage of our customizable marketing collateral to reinforce your employee benefits expertise – and your role as a valuable resource to your clients. Talk with your rep about our free online forms and sales collateral library as well as our other tools and resources to help you get started.

The best thing about all of Word & Brown’s services and expertise is that they are available free. You don’t pay a penny for our support. Reach out to your Word & Brown representative today to learn more about how we can reduce your burden and build your business. Or, if you’re not already a Word & Brown broker, or contact our nearest office in California or Nevada to get started.


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