The Advantages of Being Licensed in Multiple States

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To maximize your sales opportunities, it can be advantageous to earn a producer license in multiple states. It can be a non-resident license for a bordering state (like Oregon, Nevada, or Arizona for California producers, or Oregon, Idaho, Utah, Arizona, or California for Nevada brokers). Or, it can be a far-away state where your client has out-of-state employees.

Health Insurance License in Multiple States

Whether you want a single license, or you want to earn a license in many states, the process is similar. There is no single license that allows you to sell in multiple states. You need to comply with each state’s varying rules and regulations concerning insurance license requirements. You can only sell where you are licensed.

Adding a license in a new state can open the door for you to earn added commissions. That’s also true for adding lines of coverage. The more places you are licensed and the more products you are appointed to sell, the greater your opportunity to earn and sustain your business over the long term.

So, you may be asking, “What’s the process if I want to get a non-resident license in another state?”

A Letter of Certification is often required from your home state when you’re seeking a non-resident license. Visit the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) website and find out specifically what other states require. Information is also available on the National Insurance Producer Registry (NIPR) website. Click to get California information. Click to get Nevada information.

If you are a California broker, the fastest method for ordering a Letter of Certification/Certificate of License Status is to submit your request electronically through the Department of Insurance website at Select Agents and Brokers, then select Producer Online Services and Print Your Certificate of License Status. California uses a third-party vendor, Sircon Corporation, for these requests. As of this writing, the fee for each letter is $24.00; an additional transaction fee of $5.60 per certification applies if you print the certifications letter(s) yourself. Read Frequently Asked Questions concerning non-resident licensing on the California DOI website.

If you’re already licensed in California or Nevada, you know both states require fingerprints as a part of a criminal background check. Some other states also require fingerprints, including Florida and Washington.

Some states require currently licensed producers in one state to pass their state’s licensing exam to sell; others do not. You still need to register and secure a non-resident insurance license – and you may need to comply with additional training requirements. A reciprocal (reciprocity) agreement streamlines insurance licensing with limited additional requirements. The NIPR site, mentioned above, offers helpful information about what’s needed.

Earnings Estimate

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Another Way to Expand

A different path to expansion is through the acquisition of a block of business from another agent or agency. That’s discussed in our separate blog post, 7 Questions to Ask When Buying a Block of Insurance Business.

 As noted above, expanding your product portfolio is also a great way to build your business and your income. Word & Brown offers a diverse roster of products and services, including Ancillary products like Dental, Vision, Accident, Disability, and more. For more information about Ancillary, read our August 2021 post, Worksite Benefits: Increase Client Offerings – and Earn More.  Contact your Word & Brown representative or any of our six regional offices to learn more.


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