Selling Large Group

Selling Large Group

If you’re quoting but not writing much business in the 101+ segment in California or the 50+ segment in Nevada, you may be wondering what can help you turn things around. Dena Allchin, Director of Large Group Sales at Word & Brown, has some tips.

Dena became Director of Large Group Sales in January, after more than two years as a market consultant focused on larger organization sales. She initially joined Word & Brown in 2018 with more than two decades of experience in the insurance industry.

Dena knows the market, and she and her team together have decades of expertise to help you break into Large Group or grow your existing business.

Tips for Selling Large Group Insurance

Below are eight attributes that Dena says can make your case especially attractive to our carrier partners:

  1. High employer contribution to premium – 90% or higher.
  2. High employee participation – 80% or higher.
  3. Carrier persistency – 3+ years with inforce carrier.
  4. Low claims exposure – less than 25% of claims vs. premium collected
  5. Employees and dependents in locations that align with provider network strengths
  6. Employer growth mode (new employees onboarding throughout the year)
  7. Ability to solve for all of your clients’ goals, solving more than rate concerns
  8. Complete RFP submission

At Word & Brown, we are a strategic partner to brokers. Contact your Word & Brown representative or our Large Group Sales team to get started (800-869-6989). You can also learn more about our Large Group sales tools and resources on our website.


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