Attracting Business Online: 5 Marketing Tips for New Insurance Brokers


5 Digital Marketing Tips for Insurance Agents


If you’re interested in using your online presence to help attract new customers and write new business, there are several things you should consider doing. Below are five tips.

  1. Be Sure You’re “Findable”: No matter how good your online marketing, it is unlikely to help you write new business if your prospects cannot find you online. How people find you can mean the difference between just “being online” and “successfully marketing yourself” online. Test it out on your own. “Google yourself” and see the results. How are you showing up? Are you listed in local results for your insurance specialty (like employee benefits) and service area? Your goal should be to create an online presence that reflects positively and features you prominently. Remember, too, that you need to promote yourself in the same way consistently. For example, does your agency name mirror your Twitter handle? If your name is too similar to a competitor, there’s a potential for confusion – which, probably, won’t help either of you. Pick a name and use it for your web page and social media accounts – Twitter, Facebook, or whatever platform you are using.


  1. Social Media Use is Essential: Your competitors – at least the good ones – are already on social media. It’s important you be there, too, because that’s where you will find many of your customers and prospects. Be creative and focus on developing posts and links to interesting articles developed by others that will help you attract – and retain – the most followers. When you find something that works, repeat it, but don’t overdo it. Your partner carriers or General Agent may have infographics or other materials you can use on your site or in your blog. Just be sure to credit the source for materials you don’t develop on your own.


  1. Be Active and Stay Current: If you have a blog, great. If you do not, start. It’s a valuable way to help build your online presence and enhance your community (and industry) profile. Beyond blogging on your own website, you can create credibility for yourself by guest-blogging on other sites. It will help you generate publicity for yourself (or your agency) and drive new traffic to your website – increasing your opportunity for further sales.If you find success contributing to your site (and the sites of others), make it a habit. There are few things that can deflate your high-flying reputation more quickly than out-of-date articles. You can further boost your status as an industry professional by reaching out to local newspapers, business journals, or – if you’re photogenic and comfortable on air – TV and radio stations that may be looking for someone to share a quote or commentary on the Affordable Care Act, health care, or a related topic.


  1. Focus on Quality, Not Quantity: There’s a lot – and we mean a lot – of emphasis on content marketing today. However, it’s important you don’t let quantity outweigh the quality of what you’re sharing. It’s much more important to develop content your readers can use and appreciate, rather than emphasize developing countless stories/posts of questionable value. If you want your current clients and prospects to return to your website or read your blog regularly (and/or follow you on social media), you need engaging content. Click here to read our prior post, Marketing Yourself as a Health Insurance Professional for some guidance.


  1. Include Video as Part of Your Efforts: Video can be a powerful component of your online marketing. Consider developing brief videos that can educate others on the different types of health insurance plans available – like HMOs, PPOs, EPOs, Health Care Service Plans (HSPs), and High Deductible Health Plans (HDHPs). Word & Brown has a Health Care Quick Flick that could be helpful to you. Seek and share testimonials from your customers. YouTube and Vimeo are popular platforms, but they are not the only options, as this online article

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