Storytelling Can Help You Build a Stronger Client Connection and Increase Your Sales

Storytelling to build client connections and increase sales

Some of the most successful sales people in the world use storytelling to help them build a stronger connection with their clients and prospects – and increase their opportunities for sales.

If you look back at some of your most positive and profitable connections, you will very likely find that you built that connection through storytelling.

Sharing stories with your prospects and clients helps them learn about you and the ways you have assisted other business owners, benefits managers, and executives.

It doesn’t matter if you share information about the savings you delivered by helping a client fully shop the market. Or how switching a client’s health plans meant the difference between offering benefits or terminating health coverage altogether.

You may even have a story about how health insurance made a substantial difference for one of your client’s employees or a family member.

A personal story can help you build trust and earn a client’s respect. It can position you as an educator and counselor, not just a sales advisor.

It may also prompt your prospects and clients to share personal stories that help you gain a better understanding of their situation and their needs. That can help you find the right product or service to address those needs.

When considering what to share, choose a story to which your prospect or client can relate. You can choose from a variety of approaches:

  • Talk about your first sale that really helped an employer and/or the business’s employees.
  • Was there a situation where you didn’t make the sale, but later you returned and successfully closed? What made the difference for the employer in the second pitch?
  • Have you ever had a tearful conversation with a client? It can be one where the client cried, or where he/she/they shared information that prompted you to cry.
  • Are there client letters you could discuss about how you delivered outstanding service for your clients? You can talk about them without disclosing too many details.
  • If you got into insurance sales because of a personal situation (such as one where a family member or close friend was challenged because of insufficient or no insurance), talk about that – and how you know insurance can change lives.
  • Talk about the value of health insurance – and how it can help an employer attract and retain employees.

Storytelling is an effective method for engaging and connecting with prospects and clients. For more tips about how incorporate it into your discussions, check out How Better Storytelling Will Lead to an Increase in Sales from Forbes.

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