What Does A Health Insurance Broker Do?


If you are unhappy in your current job, a recent college graduate, or are nearing graduation and unsure what is next for you, you may be looking into a career in sales. But what do you want to sell? What offers you the best path forward? One option with a lot of potential is health insurance sales.

Few industries outside of health insurance offer those with little experience the opportunity to quickly earn a potentially large paycheck. One of the reasons is health insurance is something people need, but don’t really understand. So, they often seek out the advice of a professional when making a health insurance purchasing decision.

Another reason why health insurance sales is attractive is because it offers you a lot of flexibility. And your earnings potential is virtually limitless.



At its core, the role of a health insurance professional is one focused on prospecting, sales, and customer service. You might work independently for your own agency or work as an insurance agent for a larger general agency that pays you for selling insurance products through their company. Both options offer advantages and both options work with organizations like us to help increase sales.



As a broker you will consult with your clients and research what health plans best match their needs and budget. You’ll need to be a good listener, so you can tap into what they tell you about what they want, need, and can afford – and what doctors or hospitals or medications need to be included in any health plan they might consider.

In working with employers, you’ll help them find the right coverage for their business, their employees, and, often, eligible family members. Each year when it’s time to renew their benefits, you’ll meet with and advise your clients about whether it makes sense for them to renew the coverage they currently have or select a different option.



As a new broker, you’ll need to network with others to generate leads. You’ll also want to create an online presence for yourself (and your agency) to help you prospect for new customers. You can do this through mass marketing or targeted efforts including email, direct mail, and social media. A general agency, like Word & Brown, can offer assistance to help you get the word out about how you can help prospects find the health coverage they want and need.



In serving the needs of clients, it’s important you always put their interests above yourself. (Don’t focus on what offers you the greatest commission; find the product that best matches your clients’ needs.) Service before, during, and after the sale are equally important. If you keep your clients happy, they are more likely to renew their business with you.

You can grow your business as your clients grow theirs – and if you serve your clients well, you’ll be rewarded with referrals, too.


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