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Using a Salary Estimator to Calculate Your Commissions from Selling Group Health Benefits

November 30, 2018   |   by Staff Writer


If you are considering a career as a Group Health and employee benefits broker (or agent), you may be wondering just what you can make in your first year in the business. Word & Brown has developed an easy-to-use calculator to help you determine your potential earnings.

You just select the amount you want to earn in your first year (from $35,000 to $350,000), and the calculator will show you how many policies you need to sell – for the year and each month. It also shows you how you can grow your income over time by continuing to service your existing business and help your customers with their renewals.

While you’re on the Salary Estimator page, you can download a copy of Word & Brown’s Insurance Broker Salary Guide.


Estimate Your Earnings


An important thing to remember as an employee benefits broker is you earn a commission from each policy sold, so the larger the employer, the greater your income potential.

You also have the opportunity to increase your earnings by selling a wider variety of products. For example, a lot of Group Health brokers sell Dental and Vision. Others market voluntary benefits like Disability. The choice is yours.

And, of course, as your clients’ businesses grow, your income can grow, too. As they are able to add more employees and more benefits for their workforce, your sales opportunities and commissions will increase.

To learn more, contact any of Word & Brown’s six regional offices across California and Nevada about getting started in insurance sales. We offer new brokers a diverse range of support services, a broad product portfolio, plus the opportunity to have your licensing costs reimbursed when you write your first group health case with us.


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