Quote Technology to Simplify Your Role as a Health Insurance Broker

Quoting is an important part of your role as a Health Insurance broker (also often called a Health Insurance agent). It’s an integral component of your service to prospects and clients – whether your focus is Individual and Family Plan (IFP) coverage or Group Health Insurance.

An insurance quote is the cost estimate you supply to an individual or employer showing what each will pay monthly based on a variety of factors. For Small and Large Group quotes, the estimate is based on demographic and other information regarding members of the group to be insured:

  • the number of employees
  • whether dependent coverage is offered (and whether the employer pays for any portion of the dependent coverage)
  • the group’s selected plan design(s) – HMO, PPO, EPO, HDHP, etc.
  • the selected ACA metal tier(s) – Bronze, Silver, Gold, or Platinum or a combination (if available, based on the health plan or exchange considered)
  • the ages of employees to be insured (and dependents, if applicable)
  • employees’ home ZIP Codes

The more information you get from your client, the more comprehensive your quote will be.


WBQuote Shows You the Market

Word & Brown’s quote engine, WBQuote, is the most advanced quote engine in the market. It gives you an easy way to compare carriers and plans, view rate differences, and select the plans that will best satisfy your clients’ diverse needs. Plus, our new WBQuote Lite technology gives you the ability to quote on the go – it’s the only true mobile Small Group quote in the California and Nevada marketplaces.


WBQuote offers you and your clients:

  • guaranteed accuracy – we’re the only GA with a 100% rate accuracy guarantee
  • customizable output – you can choose your layout and add a logo to make your quote stand out
  • one page highlights – our single-page summary quickly shows your client what’s important
  • built-in safeguards – you can avoid errors because we include safeguards to ensure rate accuracy
  • multilingual translations – enrollment worksheets are available in English, Spanish, Chinese, Korean, and Vietnamese
  • Wrap quoting – you can wrap two carriers together and generate a combined quote with side-by-side comparisons and customized output
  • more products in one place – we make it easy to quote Medical and Ancillary on a single platform


Quote Anywhere with WBQuote Lite

Say goodbye to having to return to your office to re-run a quote when a client makes a mistake on the census or hires a new employee. With WBQuote Lite in your hand, you can:

  • update an employer census and re-run the quote on the spot
  • change an employee’s plan assignment
  • dynamically show changes to contribution scenarios
  • quickly drill down into rate and benefit details

WBQuote Lite is a faster way to build a quote, whether you’re in the office on your desktop, on your laptop having lunch, or at a client’s office on your phone. With WBQuote Lite in your hand, you have the ability to create a quote that represents you and your brand – and one you can export in the format you like best:

  • add your company logo
  • customize with your company colors
  • export in PDF, Excel, or PowerPoint

Best of all, like with WBQuote, your quotes with WBQuote Lite are guaranteed 100% accurate – something both you and your clients will appreciate.


Put Our Quoting to Work for You

Having the right technology can truly set you apart from your competition. Contact your Word & Brown representative today about putting the power of WBQuote and WBQuote Lite to work for you and your clients.


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