Friday (2.14.20) Health Insurance News Link Roundup


Keeping you up to date with the latest health insurance news and trends in California, Nevada and around the country. Here is a roundup of this week’s top health insurance industry news stories:

California Health Insurance Broker News

Californians rally for Health Care changes

Restaurateurs Single Payer Windfall

General Health Insurance

How will your health care be affect by changing Privacy Laws?

New Privacy Laws and Today’s Health Care  

CA Underwriter News

What is an Underwriter and how do they tie into Health Insurance

What is an Underwriter?

Nevada Health Plan Updates

Health Care Providers at Southwest Medical

6 New Health Care Providers at Southwest Medical 

California Health Plan Updates

Gov. Newsom and California Health Care

California Updates in Health Care

Newsom bringing back the push to create one government health provider for all Californians.

Single Payer Back On the Table?

Valentine’s Day Spending

Last but certainly not least.. A fascinating story on  planned gift spending on Valentine’s Day broken down by each generation.

How Much Will You Spend On Valentine’s Day? 


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