Answering Clients’ Questions About COVID-19


At Word & Brown, we want to help you deliver accurate answers to your clients in response to their questions about COVID-19. We know your customers and their employees have many concerns about how the pandemic could affect – or already is affecting – them.

Our Account Management team recently surveyed 12 of our carrier, health plan, and administrator partners to find out how each is handling issues of importance to employers and employees.

Our compiled carrier survey covers a broad range of topics:

  • Employer plan changes
  • Employee plan changes
  • Employer contribution changes
  • Premium grace period
  • Leave or reduction of employee hours
  • Special open enrollment
  • Rehire eligibility
  • Employee Assistance Program (EAP) benefits
  • Requesting invoices
  • Recertification requests
  • COVID-19 treatment

You can download a copy of our survey results by visiting our COVID-19 microsite and clicking on the first link in the Word & Brown section. You can also download our separate ancillary carrier survey, with responses to similar COVID-19 questions from nearly 20 of our Dental and Vision partners.

This document is updated several times a week as new information is shared with us, so check back often for the latest responses.

We welcome additional questions through our Account Management team. Just send an email to

Additional Resources

You and your clients may also want to review these additional resources from the U.S. Department of the Treasury, Internal Revenue Service, U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Department of Labor, and Small Business Administration:

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