Influential Health Insurance Experts to Follow on Social

Health Insurance Influencers

Every industry has its experts. Health care and health insurance are no exceptions. Some of these influencers are readily recognized leaders, celebrities, and medical or insurance experts. Others are lesser-known individuals or organizations that have specialized knowledge or expertise that could benefit you.

Here are five you might want to follow on social media:

1: Alexa – no, not that one. We mean insurancebyalexa on Tik Tok.

Most of us are aware of Alexa, the virtual assistant developed by Amazon. She was introduced in 2014 and has become a worldwide phenomenon – with half-a-billion devices in use worldwide. Insurancebyalexa is not in any way connected to Amazon but is known among nearly 30,000 Tik Tok users.

The independent California insurance broker has garnered 225,000 “likes” for her posts on a wide range of topics. Her collection of nearly 100 videos includes commentary on supplemental health plans, insurance scams, hacks, Ozempic, health care reform, Rx prices, and more.

2: CaliforniaChoice – on Tik Tok, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

CaliforniaChoice recognizes that each and every one of us is different. Since 1996, America’s most successful private health insurance exchange has embraced those differences. CaliforniaChoice offers employers and employees the freedom to choose from eight health plans and 130+ plan designs.

The company posts regularly across multiple social media platforms. It recently launched new Instagram and TikTok channels focusing on fun employee benefit and educational health insurance content. In addition, CHOICE Administrators Regional Sales Manager John Elizondo also posts helpful tips and tricks for groups and brokers on Tik Tok.

The MyCalChoice website also features blog posts about ACA/Health Reform, Small Business Tips (for HR managers and business owners), and CaliforniaChoice Advantages.

3: Word & Brown General Agency – online and on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube.

Word & Brown’s posts on social media usually provide a light-hearted spin on product and technology updates, corporate and seasonal events, Continuing Education opportunities (in California), presentations by company leaders to industry trade organizations, social media trends, and much more.

The Word & Brown Newsroom on the GA website features Carrier Updates as well as Compliance, Industry, Technology, and Word & Brown news of interest to brokers. Our new broker blog, which targets those just getting into insurance sales, shares marketing and sales tips, inside expert commentary, and more.

4: Paul Roberts, REBC, Word & Brown General Agency Senior Director of Education & Market Development – on LinkedIn.

Paul Roberts is renown across the region and country for his health insurance compliance, regulatory, and legislative expertise. In his current role, Paul leads Word & Brown’s efforts to help brokers, employers, and employees better understand group health insurance. He is a nationally recognized Continuing Education trainer and has earned certification from the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) and HRCI (the former Human Resource Certification Institute).

Paul contributes a column to Word & Brown’s monthly broker newsletter, and he regularly shares his insights via LinkedIn and California Broker. He has developed dozens of Continuing Education courses, including the new “ACA and Beyond: A Modern Look at Employee Benefits” certification course developed for the National Association of Benefits and Insurance Professionals (NABIP). In 2023, it has already been experienced by hundreds of insurance professionals nationwide.

Last month, Paul was elected Vice President of Legislation by the California Association of Health Insurance Professionals (CAHIP). He will join the executive board of 12 at the state’s largest health insurance trade association in July. Previously, he served as Vice President of Public Affairs at CAHIP during 2020-2021.

5: Kaiser Health News (recently renamed KFF Health News) – online, and on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

KFF Health News launched in 2009. It is a national newsroom that produces in-depth journalism about health-related issues. It is associated with the Kaiser Family Foundation (KFF), which began as the Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation founded in 1948. KFF is an endowed nonprofit committed to policy analysis, polling, and news reporting on how the country’s health care system works. KFF and KFF Health News are not affiliated with Kaiser Permanente.

KFF Health News publishes daily summaries of health care news and also produces a website and newsletters for California Healthline, a service of the California Health Care Foundation.

KFF Health News has earned repeated recognition for its journalism.

Word & Brown regularly features information from KFF as part of our reporting on topics of interest to health insurance brokers.

We encourage you to consider adding one or more of these individuals and organizations to those you follow on social media. It will help you stay informed on what’s happening in our industry.



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