8 Ways Word & Brown Can Help You in Q4

The 4th Quarter is now the busiest time of year for a lot of insurance brokers, whether your focus is group health or individual health.

With that in mind, we thought now would be a good time to remind you how Word & Brown can help you write more and earn more in Q4.

Below are eight of the many ways we deliver on our commitment to “Service of Unequalled Excellence” for you and your customers:



Whether you’re quoting on your own – using WBQuote – or we’re running your quotes for you, you’re assured 100% guaranteed accurate quotes. We make comparison-shopping easy with built-in safeguards to prevent errors and a quote for all employees. Why run the risk of presenting inaccurate information?



We’ll deliver side-by-side comparisons with highlighted plan differences (renewal vs. proposed). That makes it easy for you to discuss with your clients the advantages of staying with their current carrier or moving to an alternative plan. Be sure to ask your clients about any changes in their staff (or changes for enrolled dependents). Then send us an updated census to get the conversation started.



Schedule a meeting with your Word & Brown Regional Sales Manager to review all of your business set to renew in Q4. We’ll help you prepare for your upcoming client meetings by providing information on the most competitive carriers, plans, and rates available.



Ask your clients about their preferred doctors, medical groups, and hospitals as well as needed prescription drugs. We’ll research their plan options and provide you with a custom provider search to ensure they get their favored providers and prescriptions when considering a carrier or plan switch. (It’s also really useful in helping them avoid unexpected out-of-network charges when visiting a specialist.) Use the Provider Search Request form specific to your state: California or Nevada. Send your completed form to Wabprovidersearch@wordandbrown.com, and we’ll get started right away.



You can request presentation-ready proposals from us for use in your client meetings.



Help your groups’ enrollees by providing them with personalized employee enrollment worksheets, including multilingual Excel output in your choice of English, Spanish, Chinese, Korean, and Vietnamese.



We’re available to assist you with your client or employee presentations. We’ll come with you to your meetings – and we have multilingual presenters and enrollers who are available to assist in person, via webinar, and by phone.



Give your clients access to a centralized benefits and HR management tool from EaseCentral or free HR support through Word & Brown’s HRWow (backed by HRAnswerLink).

You can get started with EaseCentral for free for groups written through us (up to 125 employees). We’ll also assist with your online enrollment set-up, including benefits and rates plus administrator training. Ask us how we can speed up your next enrollment.


We’re here to help you quote and close more in Q4 – just say the word. It’s not too early to begin scheduling your fourth quarter client renewal meetings. Act now to take advantage of all of the resources available to you through Word & Brown. Contact your rep today.


And to stay up to date on what’s happening with us and all of our carrier partners, follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn – or visit our Q4 website.

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