What’s the Difference in Selling Health Insurance vs. P+C?


If you’re considering entering the world of insurance sales, you may be wondering whether you should focus on health insurance, property and casualty (P+C), or both. The choice is yours, but here’s a quick overview.


Health & Life Insurance

When you become a licensed Health & Accident Insurance (or Health, Accident, and Life Insurance) broker, you can sell products like Medical, Dental, Vision, Accident, Disability Income, Long Term Care, and Life Insurance. These products offer benefits in the event your clients (or their covered dependents) need medical care, dental care, eyeglasses or contacts, require long-term care, become disabled, or if they want to provide for loved ones in case of their death.


Property + Casualty Insurance

As a licensed P+C broker, you can sell products that protect the things your clients own – like their business, home, car, boat, etc. Also included in this category is fire protection and liability insurance in case your clients are responsible for an accident causing injuries to another person or damage to another person’s belongings or property. With this license, you can also sell Workers’ Compensation coverage, which protects employees and businesses in case of illness or injury on the job. This includes medical expenses and lost wages for employees during rehabilitation or payment of a death benefit in case an employee dies as a result of a work-related injury or accident.


More Coverage → More Money

Having the required licenses to sell Health, Accident, Life, Property, and Casualty coverage can help you address more of your clients’ need, while also increasing your income opportunities.

While earning the multiple required licenses will take some effort on your part – and require ongoing Continuing Education (CE) Credits for you to maintain your licenses – being able to sell more products makes you a single-source broker for your clients. It can help you build a stronger bond, and lock them in to doing business with you for a longer-lasting relationship.


Health & Accident Support

Word & Brown is great partner to brokers wanting to enter the health insurance field, or those who have been in the business for years. We offer unparalleled back-end support, so you can focus on what’s really important: sales.

To learn more about what sets Word & Brown apart from other general agencies, visit our web page: https://brokerblog.wordandbrown.com/our-advantage.

To find out more about P+C insurance, visit the Real Estate Education Center and Center for Insurance Careers.



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