8 Qualities That Make for a Good Insurance Agent


Here are eight key qualities that most successful insurance agents in 2024 possess. If you have all (or most) of these traits, you’re more likely to thrive in the industry.

People Skills

This includes the ability to relate to your prospects or clients and work collaboratively to find common ground and a solution that is right for their problems (or insurance challenge). Be a good listener. Always put the interests of your clients above yourself. (You want to find the product or service that best matches their needs, not just focus on what offers you the greatest commission.) Good customer service – after the sale – is equally important. If you keep your clients happy, they are more likely to renew their business with you. Be consistent and persistent. If your follow-through is good, you’ll be rewarded by your clients with leads and referrals to others who can continue to fill your business pipeline for years to come.

Entrepreneurial Spirit

A career in health insurance sales is not just an opportunity to earn a great living. It’s a profession that gives you the freedom and flexibility to Be Your Own Boss, or BYOB. While the BYOB lifestyle may not be for everyone, it does offer many rewards. Your earning potential is virtually unlimited. If you’re driven and like the idea that the more you work, the more you earn, you can have a great lifestyle. Plus, you’ll be able to set your own schedule, work when it’s convenient for you, work where you want to, and have time for your family, friends, and life. Best of all, at the end of the day, you can feel good about what you do because you’re helping others. Health insurance can be complicated, but it’s something people need. You can help them find coverage that’s right for their specific individual, family, or business needs . . . and their budget.

Energy and Personality

It’s important to be enthusiastic about what you do. Show your clients that you’re eager to help them at all times. If your energy is low, your prospects will know, and your lack of enthusiasm will undermine your sales efforts. You must be able to endure rejection – and do it with a smile. You’re not going to make every sale, but if you remain upbeat and positive, you are more likely to be given the opportunity to make a sale down the road – to the client who first said “no” or to his or her referral, who fondly remembers your efforts to help, even if no sale materialized.


You would think that honesty wouldn’t need to be included here; however, it does bear mentioning because brokers who are dishonest in their dealings with clients, colleagues, and their business partners are not usually in business very long. Whether word-of-mouth undermines your sales career or your general agency or carrier cuts you off, when you’re dishonest, your long-term business prospects are not good. Telling the truth will help you win your clients’ respect – and their repeat business and referrals.

Tech Savviness

In a digital world, insurance agents need to be comfortable using a variety of tech tools, from CRM software to social media platforms. Being tech-savvy helps you manage your client relationships more effectively, stay organized, and quickly adapt to new methods of reaching potential clients.


The insurance landscape is ever-evolving. Whether due to regulatory changes, shifts in market trends, or new technological advancements, an effective insurance agent must be adaptable. Being able to pivot and adjust your strategies quickly ensures that you remain competitive and relevant.


In 2024, building trust is more crucial than ever. Clients want to know that they can rely on you to provide sound advice and support. Demonstrating that you are trustworthy can help you establish long-lasting relationships with your clients, which is vital for maintaining a strong client base.

Continuous Learning

The most successful insurance agents are those who are committed to continuous learning. Staying updated with industry trends, new insurance products, and innovative sales techniques ensures that you are always offering the best solutions to your clients. Consider attending workshops, webinars, and industry conferences to keep your skills sharp.

These eight qualities combine to form the foundation of a successful insurance agent in 2024. By developing and honing these traits, you can ensure a thriving career in the insurance industry.

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