5 Ways CRM Can Streamline Your Sales Follow Up

sales follow up

In our blog, we’ve talked about how a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform can be a game-changer for growing your business. With CRM, you can manage tasks, generate leads, level up your customer service, and boost profitability as well.

A solid CRM program gives you five ways to streamline your sales follow up.

1: Managing your contacts list: Having accurate information about your contacts (including prospects who are not yet customers) is vital. That includes detailed profiles with information about past exchanges with you (via email, telephone, or other means), their purchased business, quoted but unpurchased products, birth date, contact details, etc.

2: Scheduling tasks: Your CRM can help you schedule tasks, set reminders, and track your sales progress. Depending on the platform you select, it can aid you in automating appointment setting and confirmations as well as sending reminders and follow-up messages. By automating tasks, you’re freed-up to focus on sales.

3: Generating leads: If your CRM integrates with your email system, it can save you time and money by providing info on when and how often your emails are being opened, clicked on, and replied to – helping you increase the effectiveness of your messages and prioritizing leads for further action. CRM can also help you improve your subject lines and aid you in evaluating different email messages or templates.

4: Analytics and reporting: Having a CRM that generates reports is essential to helping you measure your success. It can tell you what’s working – and what may need to be tweaked. You may be able to customize your dashboard to gain greater insights into your sales successes and shortcomings.

5: Testing and improving results: If you ask for and listen to the feedback you get from your increased communications with prospects and customers, that will help you learn what they are looking for and demonstrate your ongoing commitment to implementing new ideas and processes. That can lead to improved future sales results, customer testimonials, and increased referrals. All are critical to your continuous success.

If you are not already using a CRM platform, read our prior blog, 5 Signs You Might Need a CRM System. It includes links to three articles comparing available CRM programs. Zoho offers another comparison of six CRM platforms it says work well for small businesses and startups.

CRM is one way to help you better manage your time, drive increased revenue, and enhance your communications. Another timesaver is partnering with a general agency that can relieve you of some of your administrative burdens. Word & Brown has been working with brokers for nearly 40 years. We offer you more than just great service. We do it all – sales strategy and consulting, quoting, enrollment, compliance, and renewal prep.  If you’re not already working with us, call us at 800-869-6989 or complete our online form.

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