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Client Loyalty Program

5 Tips for Creating a Client Loyalty Program

According to the Harvard Business Review, acquiring a new customer is five to 25 times more costly than keeping an existing client. (It varies by what study you’re looking at...

5 Social Media Engagement Tips

5 Social Media Engagement Tips

Social media should be an essential component of any successful insurance agent’s or broker’s marketing strategy. Regardless of your market niche (e.g., Individual & Family Plan sales, Group Health, or...

Health Insurance Sales Data

3 Ways to Increase Health Insurance Sales Using Data

In a prior column, we discussed ways you can expand your health insurance sales by getting into something new, asking for referrals, partnering with a general agent, and selling solutions...

Insurance Broker Salary

How Much Do Agents Make? Comparing Insurance Broker Salaries

Comparing Salary For Insurance Brokers (Updated for 2022) If you’re a recent college graduate, are nearing graduation, or you’re unhappy with your current job (and income), you may be considering...

Insurance Sales Comparing for Q4

Insurance Broker Tips to Help You Prepare for Q4

It’s still summer, but with Q3 underway, it’s not too early to consider what you can do now that will help you ensure a smoother Q4. For many employee benefits...

Selling Large Group

Selling Large Group

If you’re quoting but not writing much business in the 101+ segment in California or the 50+ segment in Nevada, you may be wondering what can help you turn things...