Changing Careers? Consider Health Insurance Sales


If you’re working in a dead-end job – or working somewhere and feeling undervalued and unappreciated – it may be time to consider a change. Health insurance sales may not be at the top of your list of dream jobs, but it is a field that has a lot to offer, regardless of your background, education, or sales experience.

It’s also a profession that gives you the freedom and flexibility to Be Your Own Boss, or BYOB as we like to say. And you can make a nice income. Plus, at the end of the day, you’ll always feel good about helping others find affordable health insurance.
You’ll appreciate that a sales career in health insurance allows you to:

  • Set your own schedule
  • Work when it’s convenient for you
  • Work where you want – in an office, at home, over a meeting with your clients for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, on the golf course, or elsewhere – the choice is yours
  • Have time for your family, your friends, and your life!

Determine your own financial future

Health insurance sales can be financially rewarding – and your earning potential is endless! If you’re driven and like the idea that the more you work the more you make, you’ll be glad to know you’ll earn a competitive commission on every sale. You will get paid every month as long as you keep your clients happy – which, hopefully, will be for years. And, of course, you’ll have opportunities for bonuses and incentives from the health plans you sell.


Helping others has its own rewards

Almost everybody needs health insurance, but few people really understand it. That creates an opportunity for you. Once you start selling health insurance, you not only have a huge population of potential clients, but you genuinely get to help people.


What’s it take?

A high school diploma is expected, but a bachelor’s degree is preferred by many health insurance companies. Beyond your ability to learn are your talents relating to your prospects and customers, which involve good listening and customer service skills, honesty/trustworthiness, and finding a creative solution to your customers’ problems or questions.

If you enjoy working with others to find answers to challenging problems, you’re likely to enjoy a career as an insurance broker. A lot of the job is finding the right product solution to your customers’ needs – while also keeping it within their budget – whether they’re shopping for individual, family, or group health insurance for their business.


What’s required?

To become a health insurance broker, you need to study and pass the required exam for each state where you’ll be selling insurance. Talk with your general agency (GA) partner about whether any sort of study assistance or reimbursement program is available. Click here to read an article that focuses on licensing.

As an independent health insurance sales professional, you’re on your own but not alone when you partner with an experienced general agency that can help you start your new career. To find which GA might be the right fit for you, talk with your own insurance broker or ask around. The experience of others could be helpful in your selection of your future partner.


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