Why Health Insurance Brokers Do What They Do


Individuals who pursue a career in Health Insurance sales have many different reasons for doing so. You may be motivated by the freedom to choose your own hours and work where you want. Or, you may like the financial rewards (including the opportunity to earn an income continually from a customer relationship started years ago). Others may have a much more personal reason for getting into – or staying in – in the industry, like those below.


“My career as a health insurance and employee benefits professional started as a result of two family health challenges. Both of my parents died in the 1990s due to cancer. My mother did not have health insurance, so we spent a lot of money on her care. That hit me very hard, and it made me want to find a way to help others dealing with a similar challenge.”


“I got into health insurance because I wanted to make it easier for people to get the coverage they need to help protect their future. I wanted to work in an industry that can positively influence people’s lives. Sure, at my core, I am a sales person and I could be selling cars, appliances, software, or real estate. But I was attracted to health care, because it offers me the opportunity to protect my clients’ health and financial security.”


“Before I got into selling health insurance, I used to sell medical diagnostic equipment. I felt like I was making a positive contribution to the world because I knew my employer’s equipment would help doctors diagnose medical issues earlier, helping individuals live longer lives. However, I believe I am helping more people in my new career as a health insurance broker. I can really get to know my employer clients, and help them provide vital health insurance and other employee benefits to their employees.”


“I love my job as a health insurance agent because I know – and my clients know – I can help protect their dreams. Whether it’s a young family who wants to have a baby or a recent retiree who has been diagnosed with cancer, they can both take comfort in knowing I am committed to helping them find and maintain insurance that will help them cope with increasing medical costs. It’s very much a ‘peace of mind’ sale.”


The ability to help others while earning a good income is a great reason to consider a career in health insurance sales. Moreover, when you partner with the right General Agent, you can get support that makes your job as a broker even easier.


Getting Help from a General Agent

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