Insurance Agent Resolutions – Things to Avoid in 2021


The start of a new year is when many sales professionals map out their strategy for achieving increased sales in the 12 months ahead. As our employee benefits industry evolves and changes, it’s important you stay up to date on new products, services, and regulations affecting you – and your clients.

Here are a few resolution ideas you might consider – and what you may want to avoid:

What To Do

  • Reduce your lead response time: According to, the average response time for business-to-business leads is 42 hours. Your odds of converting a lead to a sale diminish with each passing hour. By cutting down on your response time, you increase your odds of success. A Harvard Business Review study based on data from 1.25 million leads found those responded to within the first hour were seven times more likely to qualify than leads responded to within two hours. Time really is money, or it can be.
  • Use social media: Social media should be an important part of your marketing strategy, as it is often the first place your prospects may look for you – on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn. Whatever your preferred program, be sure you make your content mobile friendly. Mobile has evolved significantly in the last decade and mobile users now outnumber desktop users for many platforms.
  • Embrace time management: Making the most of every day is important. The more you focus on what adds the greatest value to what you are doing, the better. While it may seem old fashioned, consider creating a list of your vital tasks for the day. Even if you have to reorganize it multiple times during the day, it’s useful in helping you track what you’re doing. Consider what benefits your business most, which of your customers (or colleagues) needs your help the most, and what the risks are if something isn’t done today.
  • Adopt new technology: Word & Brown offers brokers access to a wide variety of tech to help you quote and enroll groups faster, better manage your block of business, and provide your clients with a digital ID card on their smartphones (for those with coverage through select California carriers). Be sure to ask your rep for more information on WBQuote, WBQuote Lite, WBBroker, and WBMedID.

What To Avoid

  • Not listening enough/talking too much: Selling involves a lot of talking, but talking too much can undermine your efforts. You want to prove your value to your prospects and clients, and demonstrate your expertise; however, it’s also important to ask questions so you can find the right solutions to address their needs. Sales Hacker reported several years ago on a study that found the most-successful B2B sales professions speak only 43% of the time (on average). This online post also discusses strategies for uncovering information to help you better serve your clients.
  • Multitasking: Contrary to what you might think, multitasking is not an effective way to get your work done. In fact, according to the Rescue Time blog, it’s a myth. Focusing on one task at a time is better. That’s because your brain can’t efficiently switch between tasks, especially more complex ones. The blog notes that neuroscientists believe multitasking actually drains your mind’s energy reserves, causing you to lose focus and experience increased anxiety. It can also inhibit creative thinking, prevent you from developing a “flow,” and prompt you to be less productive and more prone to mistakes. “Single-tasking,” on the other hand, is less stressful and can make help you be more creative.
  • Constant email checking: With many of us reading our email on our cellphones, it’s tempting to check your email often throughout the day. Don’t do it! Instead, consider setting aside times during the day when you can review your messages and make phone calls – without interrupting your other important tasks.

The website Xactly offers more tips in 5 New Year’s Resolutions for Sales Leaders in 2021.

If you want to learn more about any of the Word & Brown technology mentioned above, talk with your Word & Brown rep or contact one of our regional offices.



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