Agent Tips for Getting Started in Large Group Health Insurance

Large group health insurance

If you’re not already selling Large Group, you’re missing out on big opportunities.

While Large Groups do represent potentially more work – with more people to talk to, longer and larger enrollment meetings, and, often new online enrollment technology – they also offer you the chance to earn more, possibly much more, income.

You may be closer to your first Large Group sale than you realize, particularly if you are a Nevada broker. That is because Large Group in Nevada starts at 51+ employees. So, one of your existing Small Group clients could grow and become a Large Group. (In California, Large Group starts at 101 employees.)

Below is a snapshot comparison of Large Group versus Small Group.

How Do Small Group and Large Group Sales Compare?

  Small Group Large Group
Group Size 1-50 in Nevada; 1-100 in California 51+ in Nevada; 101+ in California
Commissions and Products Varies by carrier and product:

Medical: 5-7% + available bonuses

Dental: 7.5%-12%

Vision: 10%-12%

Life/AD&D: 10%-15%

Chiropractic: 6.5%

Disability: 5-15%

Voluntary: Up to 15%

Varies by carrier and product:

Medical: 4.5%-7% + available bonuses

Dental: 3.75%-10%

Vision: 10%-12%

Life/AD&D: 10%-15%

Chiropractic: 6.5%

Disability: 5-15%

Voluntary: Up to 15%

Coverage Options Employer-sponsored and Voluntary; CaliforniaChoice multi-carrier Medical exchange (CA only);  ChoiceBuilder multi-carrier Ancillary exchange Employer-sponsored and Voluntary; ChoiceBuilder multi-carrier Ancillary exchange (up to 500 employees)
NOTES: Some carriers offer additional or lower compensation based on total group premium. Comp may “tier” with different comp at different premium levels. Commission may be negotiable for some products and carriers, while others may offer “per employee per month” compensation. Ask your Word & Brown representative for details.

The Large Group team at Word & Brown will work with you from start to finish – helping you find prospects, quote, present, enroll, and close more Large Group cases.

Simplified RFP Process

Our streamlined Request For Proposal (RFP) process includes an easy-to-use employee census that works for all of the carriers your clients are considering.


Our approach ensures you of a proposal that includes the best options for your Large Group client’s business and employees. Complete our Provider & Rx Search Request and you can ensure quoted plans include the doctors and/or prescription drugs employees most sought-after by enrolling employees.

Quote Analysis

Our single-page snapshot shows the carriers quoted and savings offered by staying or moving from your client’s current plan.

Custom Presentations

Each Large Group quote is completely custom and includes your logo, contact information, and benchmarking on programs that could be important to your Large Group clients.

Enrollment Assistance

We’ll supply you with customized materials to boost participation and we will present alongside you or in your place (including bilingual enrollers in California).

No-Cost Additional Benefits

We offer a variety of no-cost services that you and your Large Group clients will appreciate. That includes COBRA, POP, and ERISA services, HR support, and 24/7 forms access (including a Large Group Quoting Guide, Large Group Proposal Request, Quote Request Checklist, FAQs, and our exclusive Large Group Health Plan Reference Guides.

Broad Coverage and Carrier Options

We work with more than 15 Major Medical carriers in California and Nevada. We’ll help you get the Ancillary coverage your clients want, too – with Dental, Vision, and other coverage from two dozen carriers and administrators. Worksite Voluntary coverage is also available.

Our portfolio goes beyond “traditional” Large Group products and includes out-of-pocket medical expense indemnity insurance, staff benefits management and administrative services, retiree Medical and Medicare Part D (Rx) coverage, Employee Assistance Programs (EAP), and more.

We can help you match the right carrier to whatever your Large Group clients are seeking. Contact your Word & Brown representative or our Large Group sales team to get started today.


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