Using Tech to Stay Connected With Current and Prospective Customers


The COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically affected the way insurance brokers (and others) are connecting with customers. Face-to-face meetings are off limits, at least temporarily. As more businesses, particularly offices, have adopted work-from-home strategies in response to state or county stay-at-home orders, finding the right way to reach prospects and customers has become even more important.

Here’s a snapshot of some technology you might consider to serve your clients, promote yourself and/or your agency, and stay top of mind with prospects and clients – both now and in the future.

Email Communications

Email is the most powerful tools available to help you in marketing yourself and your agency. The pros at Constant Contact say it is 40 times more effective than Facebook and Twitter combined in helping you acquire new customers.

Frequency is key. Whatever you’re sending – an email touting a new product or service, newsletter, or seasonal/holiday message – it’s good to establish a cadence. Email automation software can work with your existing prospect and customer database to help you manage your communications more efficiently. There are numerous programs available offering a variety of services at a diverse range of costs. Hosting Facts published a comparison of services, 10 Best Email Marketing Services for Small Business, just a few months ago.

In developing your content, keep in mind best practices to avoid being labeled as spam: avoid “spammy” words like cash, cheap, deal, discount, and free, among others. Click here to read a QUICKSPROUT article, How to Stop Your Emails from Being Marked as Spam.

Video Conferencing

While use of video may not be something you’ve implemented thus far as a regular component of your marketing and communications arsenal, it can be a very effective tool. It’s also not that difficult to get started. Most laptops and tablets have a built-in camera, just like smartphones.

While it’s not the same as “being there,” a video call/conference gives you the opportunity to read your prospect or customer and gauge their emotions

PC Magazine published an article in March 2020 that looks at the many options available for video conferencing, including RingCentral, Zoho, Click Meeting, Zoom, GoToMeeting, Cisco WebEx, BlueJeans, and JoinMe. Although not included in the article, another option is Skype, which is part of the Microsoft portfolio. Some services offer one-on-one meeting options at no cost. Free group sessions may have a monthly time limit.

Social Media

Using social media as part of your broad outreach is essential. Your competitors are there, and it’s important you be there, too. Pick the platform that suits your target market – for example, LinkedIn if you’re focused on business – and develop posts, links, and blog content that will help you attract and retain the most followers. Carriers and General Agents may be a source of infographics or other materials that you can share on social media, in your blog, and on your website. Don’t forget to give credit to others for graphics or other materials you get elsewhere.

If you’re not already blogging, be sure you carefully compare platforms before committing. Some sites offer free services, while others are available for a (considerable) fee. Among the top sites you might want to consider are WordPress, Wix, Ghost, Medium, Squarespace, Weebly, Blogger, and GoDaddy.

If you want to video blog (or vlog), there’s a good step-by-step primer on Lifewire.

Video can also be a powerful component of your marketing efforts. If you do create your own videos, such as client testimonials or your personal insight on an insurance or health care topic of interest, consider using them on more than your vlog. They can drive traffic for your website, too.

Word & Brown has a series of Health Care Quick Flicks that could be useful if you’re looking for content. They cover topics like health care definitions, questions to ask before choosing a health plan, choosing the right doctor, calculating the cost of health care, making sense of health plans, HSAs, and more.

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