Enhance Your Client Service in 2020 With Online Enrollment

As the new year approaches, and you begin to consider your strategy for building your business and enhancing your service to clients in 2020, you may want to consider online enrollment (OLE).

The health insurance landscape is changing, and it’s important you change with it – to maintain a competitive edge and streamline things for your clients and their employees – and for yourself.


What’s New?

Technology makes it simpler today for your clients and their employees to shop and compare plans, so they can find the coverage best suited to their individual or family health care needs. They can see plan comparisons side by side, with details about deductibles, co-pays, prescription drug benefits, in- and out-of-network costs, plan out-of-pocket expenses, and more.

After your client accepts the quote – generated easily using WBQuote or WBQuote Lite – the next decision you need to make is whether you want to go with a paper or online enrollment, or some combination (if employees work across multiple locations).


OLE Vs. Paper

While you may be used to a paper enrollment – and it is sometimes still preferred by smaller groups – there’s an increasing movement toward OLE.

OLE streamlines the process for everyone: you, your clients, and their employees:

  • Easy set-up: Plans and rates are preloaded in the system, so your clients’ employees can quickly find the coverage that’s right for their specific health care needs.
  • Higher enrollment: Online enrollment can boost employee and dependent enrollment (versus paper applications).
  • Increased visibility: Employers can track and swiftly identify those employees who still need to complete enrollment.
  • Reduced errors: There is no need to track down missing employee details, because employees enter their own information.
  • Greater security: OLE can also reduce the risk of confidential information being exposed to others, unnecessarily.
  • Expedited underwriting: Fewer pending items means expedited processing by Underwriting.
  • Dedicated assistance: Our team of OLE specialists will assist you with whatever you need.
  • Available to all: No matter what your group size, you and your clients have access to OLE.


OLE and Benefits Admin Partners

We understand the importance of integration, which saves you re-entry of data, speeds up your cases, and enhances your client service. That’s why Word & Brown has partnered with technology leaders to offer you:

  • census import for Ease and HealthConnect templates (drag and drop)
  • integrated provider search with quoting – using data from direct-carrier feed, making it more accurate than third-party services – to ensure your clients get access to the providers they want in the plans they’re considering
  • integration of our quote software with OLE technology from CaliforniaChoice and Ease
  • integration with Ease and GoCo benefit administration platforms, including free set up and group administrator training

We can help make the switch to online enrollment easy. Ask your Word & Brown representative how to get started – and how you can determine which benefits admin partner might be the best fit for your client if they’re looking to streamline employee onboarding and benefits administration.

If you’re not already working with us, contact any of our six regional offices in California and Nevada to get started with online enrollment – and enhance your service to clients in 2020.


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