How Using a General Agency Can Benefit an Independent Broker

How Using a General Agency Can Benefit an Independent Broker

If you are a health insurance sales professional, or you’re considering entering the health and ancillary insurance sales field, you may be weighing the option of aligning yourself with a general agency (GA).

You’re still able to remain “independent” and earn full commissions, but you can gain several distinct advantages from working with a GA, including:

  •  Insurance company appointment support
  • Sales and marketing assistance
  • Carrier relationships and a broader product portfolio
  • Enrollment and underwriting assistance
  • Quoting and other broker technology
  • Continuing Education (CE) and additional training

How a General Agency Works

A GA, which is shorthand for both General Agent and General Agency, can help bridge the gap between your agency and the insurance companies you represent. Some GAs focus on Individual and Family Plan (IFP) coverage, while others focus on group or employer-sponsored insurance (Small Group and Large Group). Some GAs offer support for both IFP and group coverage.

A GA can provide you with valuable back-office support by delivering a wide range of services to drive increased sales, help you process your business more efficiently, and increase earnings for you and agency. Your GA can help you open the door to new sales – and, equally or even more importantly, help you offload many administrative activities.

Contrary to what you may think, working with a GA does not affect your income. You still earn full commissions on your business – and you may be eligible for added bonuses, too. The compensation paid to a GA is separate from the commission brokers earn. The carrier or administrator pays your GA directly. You could earn more working with a GA than you might on your own. That’s because the GA will relieve you of many functions – like quoting and enrolling – which allows you to focus on income-generating activities like sales.

Not All Insurance General Agencies Are Created Equal

There are general agents throughout the U.S. that you might consider as a future partner. But it’s important to know that not all offer the same services and support.

Word & Brown General Agency offers products and services from a full roster of insurance companies and administrators doing business in California and Nevada. Established in 1985, Word & Brown has helped thousands of brokers expand their businesses and increase client satisfaction.

Unparalleled service: You can count on Word & Brown from start to finish – from quote to close and enrollment to renewal. We are known for delivering Service of Unequalled Excellence. We are here for you – whenever, wherever, and however you need us.

Our team offers support in-person, online, and on the phone. We are dedicated to making your job easier. We will provide on-demand assistance to help you respond to evolving opportunities, trouble-shoot issues with your clients and their employees, and keep everyone happy – including you.

Provider + Rx searches, quoting, and other tech: Our Integrated Provider Search uses the latest data from carriers, which means you always have access to up-to-date information when looking up doctors, medical groups, and hospitals affiliated with each of the plans your clients are considering.

With our tech, you can make on-the-fly quote adjustments, input a new provider (or update a required provider), and immediately see plans offering your clients the access they want.

Our industry-leading quote technology delivers side-by-side comparisons with highlighted plan differences. There are built-in safeguards to ensure rate accuracy, a single-page overview, and automated deductible and Rx updates so clients know what is required before benefits begin. You can customize your output, quote Medical and Ancillary on a single platform, generate quotes in 30+ layout choices, and get multilingual translations. If you don’t have time to quote on your own, we’ll do it for you. Just ask.

Our Application Program Interface (API) allows us to integrate our data and systems with our carrier and other partners. That means increased efficiency, reduced turnaround time, and streamlined processes for you and your clients. You can start your online enrollment directly from a quote with a simple click of your mouse.

We will deliver a presentation-ready proposal for your client meetings. Plus, in California, we offer bilingual enrollers and presenters to assist with your presentations and enrollment meetings.

Broad product and service portfolio: Word & Brown partners with leading insurers and administrators throughout California, Nevada, and the nation. We offer solutions to address virtually all of your and your clients’ needs: Major Medical, Dental, Vision, Life, Disability, Chiropractic & Acupuncture, Employee Assistance Programs, Voluntary and Worksite products and services, Workers’ Comp, retiree benefits, administrative services, and more.

Underwriting pros you can depend on: Our Underwriting team works directly with carriers to streamline case approvals. We scrub your quotes and track them to ensure proposals are returned by your requested date. We also offer benchmarking and a strategic market analysis. That means a clean, complete submission for you and those you serve.

Ongoing training and education: We help stay up to date on the ever-changing health care and insurance industries with in-person and online training – including our annual Week of Webinars. You can also take advantage of carrier, product, and service updates in our Newsroom, monthly newsletters, and emails, and on social media. Plus, you can subscribe to the J&R Report for national, California, and Nevada news on health care and the insurance industry.

Our in-house Compliance team helps simplify compliance for you and your clients. Get updates on the latest issues and topics of interest – like changing employee benefits regulations, employer reporting, and laws that could affect your clients’ businesses.

Value-added extras, too: Word & Brown offers a roster of value-added extras for you and your clients. Ask us about benefits administration services, COBRA, and POP. Individually or bundled, they can help set you apart from your competitors – and nurture a stronger client connection.

Whatever You Need, We’re Here to Help

We know you have a lot of options when it comes to where you place your business. As you consider who you want to work with, know that we do not expect your loyalty. We are working hard every day to earn it. Our commitment to broker success has not wavered in 35+ years.

If you’re not working with Word & Brown as your general agent, call us today at 800-869-6989 to learn more. Or, fill out our online form. You can maintain your independence, while boosting your sales.

If it has just been a while since your last quote, call or email your Word & Brown representative to find out about how we can help you compare plans, quote more, and earn greater income in 2024.

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